Amazing Darth Vader Sculpture Made from Grandma’s Old Cutlery

French artist Alain Bellino sculpted this Darth Vader bust out of old pieces of metal, including silver spoons for the eyes and cabinet hinges on the mask.

Makes you wonder what Star Wars might have been like with a golden Darth Vader. Seems like something which might have been in some Japanese version of the films. Or maybe in the next CGI revision by Lucas.

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A Gallery of the Best and Worst of Starcraft Cosplay Ever

To celebrate the it’s-almost-here-and-so-close-I-can-taste-it launch of one of my favorite series in history, I decided to throw together this gallery of Starcraft cosplay, combined two of the things Unreality likes the most. I do have to say though, outside of a few exceptions (above included), I’m quite disappointed with the cosplaying community here. For such a legendary series, there sure weren’t many great costumes to be found here, and I would have expected better from the creative/crazy minds who normally make costumes like this. Consider this an open challenge, if you’ve got the skills, make the coolest damn Starcraft costume I’ve ever seen. Winner gets my eternal respect an admiration, a prize you can’t put a price on. Check out the full gallery below:



For some reason, this picture makes me deeply sad.


Stop making statues and just makes better costumes! But this is awesome.



The Worst Jim Raynor Ever:

Come on man! You’re ruining him for me!