World’s 10 most popular suicide destinations

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Where you ask are the ten most inviting places to commit suicide? Well sit back and let us be your suicidal travel agency and find the most desirable jump-off points in the world.  Here is an another Gallery of Most Amazing Sex World Records in the History of Mankind.

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10 Most Amazing Sex World Records

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In the past week we have listed Hottest Hollywood Boobs and Hottest Hollywood Booties, which inspires us for this awesome outcome with unusual facts (but reality). So! Have you ever wondered what other people get up to in their spare time? Why, competing in world sex records, of course. Here are some of the top guys and gals showing the rest of us how it can be done, should we care to try. There are also a selection of the weird and wonderful body parts and acts that have befallen our fellow men and women, and we’ve listed them all in our list of Most Amazing Sex World Records.

1. Most Sex Partners
The current record is held by Lisa Sparks who had sex with 919 men on October 16, 2004 in Warsaw, Poland as part of the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship and Eroticon 2004. In 2010, she changed the spelling of her stage name from Lisa Sparxxx to Lisa Sparks due to mainstream websites not accepting the XXX in her name.

2. World’s Largest Penis
Plenty of men brag about the size of their penis, and most of them are probably lying. But there’s one man who can settle any bet just by unzipping his pants: Jonah Falcon, owner of the world’s biggest human penis.

Falcon’s 13-5 inch member has been measured for a TV special, making him one of the few guys who can back up his bodily boasts.

3. World’s Largest Vagina
The Largest Vagina most likely belonged to Scottish giantess Anna Swan (1846-1888), a remarkable woman who set a number of records relating to her bulk. Born normally sized, she began growing at a prodigious rate in childhood, finally reaching a maximum height of 7′ 8″ at age 19.

And World’s Largets Vagina also beloged to her which measured 19 inches in circumference.

4. Strongest Penis
Mo Ka Wang from Hong Kong lifted 250 pounds two feet off the ground with his penis in 1995. He was practicing an ancient Taoist art which dates back to 2,700 BC and was supposed to help achieve sexual ecstasy.

5. Longest Ejaculation
The farthest male ejaculation ever recorded was 18 feet (6 m) and was achieved by Horst Schultz. The farthest a woman was recorded to ejaculate was 10 feet (3 m). The most ejaculations for a man in one hour is 16.

6. Youngest Mother
The youngest girl to give birth was 5-year-old Lina Medina, born in Peru in 1933. Incredibly this girl began menstruating at age 3, and despite being impregnated in the “usual” way, has never revealed who the father is. Her father was arrested and imprisoned on suspicion of incest, but was later released due to lack of evidence. The baby was delivered by caesarean because Lina’s hips were too narrow.

7. Most penis removals
King Menephta, Egypt, In 1300 BC, King Menephta came home from battle after successfully beating the Libyans. To celebrate his success, he asked his men to chop off the penises of each member of the defeated army. He arrived home with 13,000 penises. His ancient monument at Karnak has a detail of which penis belonged to whom — Libyan generals, Libyans, Sirculians, Etruscans, and Greeks.

8. Longest Pubic Hair
Maoni Vi of Cape Town has hair measuring 32 inches from the armpits and 28 inches from her vagina.

9. Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif

Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif set this sex record in the 17th century when he added a whopping 1,042 recorded offspring to his harem of about 500 wives. He had been a busy boy — what with all those weddings, births and, no doubt, a few funerals. If you’re wondering who this guy is, he was the second ruler of the Moroccan Alaouite dynasty. He is known as a great figure in Moroccan history, but not only for his contribution to the birth statistics; he contributed to the lasting respect of Moroccan independence.

Amazingly, the woman to give birth to the most children was a peasant’s wife from Shuya (east of Moscow); in 27 births between 1725 and 1765, she expelled 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets.

10. Most Money for Sex
An unnamed man maid bid 3.8 million dollars for the chance to be the first person to have sex with Natalie Dylan. She rejected the offer.