Star Wars Animals

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Some of the most memorable creatures in the original films could have easily carried their own horror stories, adding excitement and danger to these beloved classics with their inventively threatening designs and abilities. I’d be researching made up animals for days if I counted the entirety of Star Wars fiction, so for this list, I’ll be sticking as close as possible to the “official” canon of the feature films and immediate spinoffs. Here are some Real Life Star Wars animals.

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World’s 10 most popular suicide destinations

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Where you ask are the ten most inviting places to commit suicide? Well sit back and let us be your suicidal travel agency and find the most desirable jump-off points in the world.  Here is an another Gallery of Most Amazing Sex World Records in the History of Mankind.

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20 Supersexy Punk Girls

Punk is not only an attitude, but a way of life. It can be difficult to become a punk because of this. Punk girls are like any other punks. They dresses how they wants, has very strong feelings about issues and authority, and is actually usually pretty happy. Punks usually play in some sort of awesome punk rock (or just punk) band. Common punk instruments are guitars and drums. This Gallery contains Sexy Punk Girls from all over the world. Here is an another Gallery of Hot Asian Girls to land on your laptop screen.

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The Best of Crazy Peoples Around the Globe [weekend Gallery]

If you were a kid in the late 80’s then you probably watched the movie Mannequin at least 20 times on HBO. It was Kim Cattrall in her hotness prime and it symbolized what WTF 80’s romantic comedies were all about. Unfortunately, life for most mannequins doesn’t have a fairy tale ending like the one in the movie Mannequin. They’re constantly stripped naked against their will, forced to wear extreme ugly clothes and then there’s the whole dismemberment factor.

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Odd Bra

Meanwhile, in Japan…

Barack Osama

Life Race


Fishing or Fucking?

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Meanwhile, in India…


Fail of the day

Funniest Mannequin Photo

25 Things I Wished I’d Known When I Was Younger

  1. I wish I’d known that failure was an option.

  2. I wish I’d known there’s a difference between friends and drinking buddies.

  3. I wish I’d known honesty, in all situations, is always, always, always the best policy.

  4. I wish I’d known how to grow a pair and be more assertive.

  5. I wish I’d known how to feel comfortably weird about being a little weird.

  6. I wish I’d known how much my mum and dad really loved me, and all the warnings I got came from a place of love.

  7. I wish I’d known that my thoughts don’t have to dictate my life.

  8. I wish I’d known that home really is where the heart is.

  9. I wish I’d known that intelligence is not something you’re born with, it’s something that can be worked on.

  10. I wish I’d known that being positive can really change your thoughts which can indeed change your life.

  11. I wish I’d known how to be myself more and not tried to imitate Tom Cruise’ (Top Gun) confidence (Although singing, ‘You’ve lost that Loving Feeling’ to girls sometimes did work :) )

  12. I wish I’d known that the jacket of life could be altered to suit me.

  13. I wish I’d known how to say No!

  14. I wish I’d known that the phrase ‘just try it’ should apply to everything we do in life.

  15. I wish I’d known that not being perfect is okay, and, in fact, striving for perfection is an impossible task.

  16. I wish I’d known that not being ‘well off’ didn’t mean I didn’t have a rich life.

  17. I wish I’d known that losing myself in a book wasn’t a substitute for living.

  18. I wish I’d known that my thoughts actually control how I feel, and how I feel affects the way I see the world.

  19. I wish I’d known that sex is a physical act and that love is something different altogether.

  20. I wish I’d known that having two strong sisters was a blessing.

  21. I wish I’d known that formal education was only one option in life and not the only, or best,  option.

  22. I wish I’d known that starting a business didn’t require as much planning or money as I’d thought.

  23. I wish I’d known never to settle for second best, whether it be in relationships, product choice, or employment.

  24. I wish I’d known that loving yourself was a pre-requisite to truly loving others.

  25. I wish I’d known how to plan my finances better.

Is there anything you would add to this list from your own perspective, I would love to hear it?

10 Most Coolest Runway Looks Ever

Before there were LED light-up bodysuits and and the remake of Tron, there was futuristic, cyber-inspired runway fashion. Discover fashion’s love affair of the unknown from these 25 out-of-this-world looks.

1. Gareth Pugh, spring 2009

While it may not have caught on as a top trend that season, android-angular is a timeless silhouette.

2. Manish Arora, fall 2008

Intergalactic gladiator never looked so good.

3. Giles, spring 2010

If this dress were available for purchase on Second Life, you know all the fashion girls would flock to make their avatars ASAP.

4. Balenciaga, fall 2005

Ghesquière’s was secretly hoping to be called on as costume designer of the Tron remake when he sent this design down the runway.

5. Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture, fall 2009

In this couture show, Jean Paul Gaultier based each look on a Hollywood character. This little number could work well for Linda Harrison in Planet of the Apes 2088.

6. Christian Dior Haute Couture, spring 2004

John Galliano was dreaming of what a cyborg would look like if she were taking fashion advice from Nefertiti.

7. Pam Hogg, fall 2009

This foiled body suit deserves its own David Bowie ballad.

8. Alexander McQueen, spring 2010

If this is what everyone looked like in outer space…how do we get there?

9. Manish Arora, spring 2010

A light-up cage top and paillette ombré pants is the perfect day-to-night ensemble in cyberworld.

10. Zucca, fall 2009

All the pockets would be useful to carry your space ice cream while floating around.

A Gallery of 10 Most Badass Gaming Cosplay Costumes

We have a lot of fun with cosplay here on internet. More specifically, we enjoy leering at the hot chicks and making fun of the truly sad failed attempts. But I figured I’d switch it up and feature the best of the best, and after an afternoon searching, I can safely say that these are the 10 most badass video game cosplay costumes ever. Or you know, 10 pretty cool ones. Hit the jump for the full gallery.


1. A Gallery of 10 Real Life Video Game Weapons
2. A Gallery of the Best and Worst of Starcraft Cosplay Ever

Marcus Fenix – Gears of War

Brotherhood of Steel Solider – Fallout 3

Jin Kazama – Tekken

Nightmare – Soul Calibur

Sephiroth – Final Fantasy

Vincent-Final Fantasy

Cloud – Final Fantasy VII

Altair – Assassin’s Creed

Helghast – Killzone

Nero – Devil May Cry