Eadweard J Muybridge’s 182nd birthday Google doodle

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A GIF animation of Eadweard Muybridge galloping horse created by Waugsberg (Source: Wikimedia)

The 12 frames Google used to create the zoopraxiscope-like video effect

Muybridge’s zoopraxiscope on display at Kingston Museum

5 Hottest Sex Scenes in movies [GIFs]

Let’s be real here for a second: we are dudes. And dudes like to watch hot ladies get it on. But since we’re too classy for adult entertainment, we need to dial it down a notch and get our sex scenes from movies and TV. What they lack in the old in and out, they make up for in eroticism, or something. I don’t know. Anyways, here’s some of my favorite.

[imagebrowser id=32]