The Day She Dumped Me – A True Story

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I am now single.

This morning I prepared a romantic picnic. Henceforth-known-as Saro came over and after some conversation in my room, we went to the village green and ate the picnic. We came home to dump the stuff, then went on a hot walk around the village. On the way back, I stopped to kiss her, and she drew back. She said she didn’t think we should carry on, or something like that. She explained that she liked a lot of people and I didn’t reach above anyone else, and that the next two months we would spend a lot of time away from each other, and the stage at which our relationship was at at the moment wasn’t strong enough for it to make sense to stay together. We went back to mine, watched the disappointing England game against Germany (4-1 loss), then she was picked up by her dad and went home.

I’m okay. I suppose I’m sad that I’m not a relationship any more, but it’s not a big deal. If she doesn’t like me enough, that’s how it is, plus it kinda showed. We weren’t anything serious.

Now I’m single, more flirting is probably on the cards; Doc with probs become more handsy; I can find someone I click with a lot more, someone with passion and flamboyance; and it’s one thing off my mind (and that’s good, because there’s a lot juggling up there).

It’s bloody hot today. We’ve been having really nice weather recently. Getting my legs and underarms waxed tomorrow, so the jeans will be off and the cleavage will be out! Jangle’s birthday Wednesday night, punting with my RS class, a picnic party at the house of a friend from my old school, leaver’s ball, and a week in Northumberland – can get my legs out! Will make a difference.

keep it magical