60 World Records for kids to Break

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I have recently red about World strongest kid. A Romanian boy, Giuliano Stroe, who by the age of five was already recorded by the Guinness World Book, twice, as the strongest kid in the world. He does a lot of stunts, like hand walking, air push-ups, lifting weights and has an impressive body.

Readers appreciated two of my previous findings on world records.

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2. Easy World Records to Break

That Romanian Boy Inspired me to find more such extra ordinary kids and their attempts. These World Records for Kids are easy to break. Just need Practice and strong will.

1. Longest line of coins:

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FONTANA, CA, USA — Close to 2,000 students and 200 chaperones worked nearly six and a half hours to lay down a 65 mile chain of pennies on the racetrack at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA, setting a new World Record for the longest line of coins.

2. Wearing most underpants

Current Holder: Jack Singer

WARWICK, NY, USA — Jack Singer, 10, a fourth-grade student at Sanfordville Elementary School, spent his birthday stepping into more than 200 pairs of undies – setting the new world record for the wearing the most pairs of underpants at the same time.

Find the Complete List on Official site of Guinness World Records.

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