Berlin Cathedral

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BERLIN is the only German town in which everybody is able thus his like he wants, and this finds what he wants. Berliners have a nice and uncomplicated kind. Who calls respect, must handle itself also deferentially with visitors.

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25 Wild Girls from World Bodypainting Festival

The world bodypainting festival in Austria is earth’s biggest art show in the bodypaiting theme. Since its inception in 1998, visitors have flocked to the event to admire the wild works of artists from over 40 nations worldwide. Tens of thousands of visitors attended the 2011 event in Pörtschach along Lake Wörthersee near the state capital Klagenfurt.

Usually, the artist paints a completely naked human body, though the body is often covered with a very short bikini or a G-string. Among other things, a great bodypainting work is measured by how skillfully the artist hides the private parts of the subject.

Here’s a look at this year’s competitors:

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25 Sexy Pictures of Allison Stokke

Allison Stokke. Just a normal pole-vaulting bar athlete became an internet sensation overnight. With her knowing it, someone bade a photo of here at a track meet when she was 17 (the first photo of the gallery), and her fit, sexy body travelled around the world to “drop jaws”. She is definitely the sexiest athlete in the world; no matter what sport she is into. A pole-vaulting bar athlete, she won the California state championship at the age of 15 also breaking several records in the division. Enjoy the gallery.

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A Little Beggar Child In China

These days, being a beggar has become a type of job. Large streets and small alleys, you can see them everywhere. Basically, they are all organized and disciplined. and wide in variety. The young ones organize behind the scenes so that the children and old people go beg, not for food, but for money. For some, if you give them food, not only will he refuse, he will also yell at you. The money they beg for must be handed over to those above them. Even worse, the phenomenon of holding onto young girls and not letting them go in order to successfully get money happens too often.  This Short Gallery tells a story on its own and will rise many questions to mind. After all he is an innocent child. Don’t forget to decide your suicide point.

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