10 Easy World Records to Break

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The most commonly attempted records are those that already exists. People constantly try and break old records in hope of getting in the book. I went to the bookstore the other day and did a quick glance at some of the current records in the book. Here was a few that stuck out:

  • Peel and eat a lemon in 10 seconds
  • Peel and eat 3 bananas in one minute
  • Fastest mile sack racing: 16mins 41secs
  • Time to hop on one leg on a treadmill at a constant speed of 6.5 km/h (4.7 mph): 2 min 17 sec

I think all of these records are worthy of an attempt. Who knows, I might even find a way to break one of them. I will keep an eye out for some other records that might be possible. If you know of any records that you might think I should try, please feel free to mention them in a comment. Also have a look on another weird list of Most Amazing Sex World Records

My first attempt is going to come over the next few days. I am not sure exactly which record I am going to try first but either way it will be a funny thing to see. So please check back for the very first Life of Justin Guinness World Record attempt! I have randomly selected some weird and Easy World Records to Break. Enjoy the list.

NOTE : Try and get in contact with the Guinness World Record staff and ask them if your idea is record-worthy and how to get it in the book.

Be bold- videotape your record. This will be proof that you actually did the stunt and will take responsibility for your record.

Warnings: Be very careful if it is a stunt you are doing. Some people die while performing stunts.

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