10 Amazing Spy Cams

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1. Spy Micro Camera Watch

This cool spy gadget looks like any other wristwatch, except it has a built in spy camera which is capable of capturing video at a resolution of 352 x 288. It comes with 2G of storage and records video in AVI.
There is also a built in rechargeable battery which can be recharged via USB and you can also transfer files to your pc via USB. The Spy Micro Camera Watch is available to buy online for $236 from Brando.

2. The Calculator Video Camera

The Calculator video camera has a hidden wireless video camera, on the side so that you can secretly record video and audio.

It comes with its own digital receiver which has a built in LCD screen so you can view and also record whatever the calculator video camera sees. The Calculator Video Camera is available for $192 from Chinavasion.

3. Tissue box spy camera

The ultimate hidden spy camera DVR system! The tissue box system has everything : hidden 480TVL Sony CCD camera with wide angle lens, built in long life battery so no cables, motion detection, time scheduled or continuous recording (video & audio) to an SD card (32G max) and remote control!

You can set up motion detection recording but you can also have scheduled or continuous recording, you can even use the remote control to start an immediate record if you are nearbyAmazon

4. Key Ring Spy Camera

Plugs directly into any USB port to easily record your personal space and prevent theft or sabotage. Can be used as a Nanny Cam or for when you have someone watching your home while you are away. Also has a feature where you can use this as a Webcam as well. Holds approximately 40 minutes of video per GB and supports up to an (8 GB TF card also called a micro SD card) for over 5 hours of video. Plugs directly into your USB port for easy access. Get yours today and save! Amazon

5. The Neck tie Spy Camera

It looks like an everyday neck tie, but this one has a hidden spy camera which no one would spot. It features a high quality pinhole camera that can also record sound. Available for about $380 from Spy Equipment.Amazon

6.Cigarette Lighter Spy Camera

One of the most innovative products yet from Wolfcom Enterprises comes the Lighter DVR Spy Camera Recorder from Its got everything built right into it. A Spy Camera, A Microphone, Built in Digital Video Recorder, and a rechargeable battery.
This device is small enough to fit in your pocket and is very easily concealable. It doesn’t look unusual, so no one will notice that it is a mini camera recorder! While at first glance this may look like an ordinary lighter, inside it actually contains an ultra advanced DVR njoy electronic cigarette filters! With its simple push button operation you’ll be taking video clips in no time. Amazon

7. The Spy Button Camera

Nobody will be able to spot this cool spy camera, as they will just think the button is part of your suit, so you will be able to carry out your latest spy mission in total secrecy.

The camera hidden in the button has a 3.7mm pinhole lens, and it connect to a portable recorder to store all your secret recordings.

The portable recorder has a 2.4 inch TFT lCD screen, 2Gb of internal memory, which can also be expanded via the built in Mini SD Card slot, the recorder unit also features a built in rechargeable Lion battery. The Fake Spy Button Camera is available for $256 from Brando.

8. The Secret Agent Camcorder Pen

The Secret Agent Camcorder pen comes with 2GB of storage and can record video files with audio at a resolution of 352 x 288. It charges via USB and you can also transfer your files to your PC, available to buy online for about $99 from Chinavasion.

9. The Alarm Clock Spy Camera

As well as being able to wake you up in the morning, the spy camera alarn clock also features a built in spy camera, ideal for setting some surveillance up on one of your targets. This spy camera alarm clock comes with its own wireless recorder which feature a 2.5 inch LCD screen which displays at a resolution of 480 x 234. It is available for $121 from Brando.

10. Sunglasses spy camera

The highly purchased One Touch DVR spy glasses is what our spies use when in covert operations or meetings. These spy DVR glasses have high quality 1280×960 VGA resolution at 30 frames per second with superb audio recording pick up to 15 feet clearly. Simple to use and easy to operate by pressing the covert button which turns on the unit and starts recording in one touch. After capturing the needed evidence, plug into the PC with included USB cable, download and watch all the videos recorded with time/date stamping. Unit takes a micro SD card up to 8GB for up to 8 hours of good quality recording on a 90 minute rechargeable internal battery.Spyemporium

11.Wireless Hidden Plant Camera

Our well-known covert wireless cameras built-in covert line of video products just got better! Now with ALL-DIGITAL transmissions, wireless interference has become a thing of the past! In addition to providing a crystal-clear image, our built-in covert video products also feature an encrypted transmission, so that no one can pick up your video feed. This Digital Wireless Plant Camera model includes a USB receiver with Remote View, which allows you to stream your wireless signal over the internet, so you can remotely view your video feed anywhere in the world! Spyemporium

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