The Beauty Of Skyrim

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Bethesda’s “Skyrim” is an amazingly wondrous video game that has some of the most beautiful visuals ever seen in a game world. And once you throw improved graphical mods into the equation; you have something truly special to witness. However, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself…

Skyrim Daedric Daggers

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Skyrim inspired Daedric Dagger Keychain

This dagger is inspired by the Daedric dagger in Skyrim. It measures about 2.5 inches long. It is made of polymer clay and detailed with acrylic paint. This is the perfect item for a Skyrim fan. It can be made for a keychain and I will reinforce it with wire. Available for sale here 

Daedric Dagger and Sword and Ebony Dagger Pic Heavy

And stop nerds, I know you’re about to tell me that it’s actually smithing level 90 when you can actually make Daedric swords in Skyrim. But you need to be 100 to improve them to legendary SO THERE. Real Life Daedric Swords

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Skyrim xbox 360 controller

I loved this game. I use to play it on PC with xbox 360 controller. This game is so awesome. It blew my mind. I absolutely loved the story. It had a really nice flow. The side quests such as the Companions, or the Dark Brotherhood quests are also awesome. This game was just as good, if not better than Oblivion and Morrowind. I would recomend this game to anybody that has played either Fallout or Oblivion. And now how about a Skyrim xbox 360 controller? Its available on ebay.

Anyway, I found many more like this under below. Going to order one. Its available here.